4 things Google loves about your website
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4 things Google loves about your website

4 things Google loves about your website

Nowadays, companies that have a website are looking for ways to increase their visibility online. Being more visible and having a good online presence means having more traffic and potential customers. To achieve this, companies must gain the favor of Google because the search engine giant has preferences in sorting information and ranking websites based on certain criteria.

Google rankings help increase the visibility and reputation of websites by promoting them to the first page of Google search. However, getting to the top of Google listings is not an easy task as Google has more than 200 factors that determine the ranking of a website. Moreover, optimizing your website according to Google’s preferences will boost its ranking. Here are a few things that Google loves about your website.

Requirements for original website content

Google prefers to see original content on your site. If you cover a certain topic, news or niche from a unique perspective, Google will like it. Publishing something that has already been written by someone else is simply a repost and will be seen as spam by Google.

In addition, the content you publish on your project should also be informative, relevant and entertaining, as well as contain images, videos and other types of graphics in order for it to be ranked by Google.

Another thing Google loves is fresh content. Consistency in updating your blog or website with new and fresh content contributes to higher rankings. However, posting old content is not considered fresh just because you posted it again after a while. Although, giving new life to old posts by adding something new to them certainly adds freshness.

Social media presence

There is no direct way to measure how your social media presence affects your Google rankings, but the fact is. Google follows brands and businesses on social media and measures their activity and presence on it. It’s safe to say that social media popularity affects your website’s ranking on Google.

Google will definitely notice if you have an active presence and promote your content on social media. This means having a good relationship with your followers and maintaining a good reputation on social media. However, promoting spammy and irrelevant content in order to maintain some sort of social media presence will not get you the attention you want. In fact, you will get the exact opposite of a high ranking.

As well as discussions about your brand online (forums, other sites even without links to the site) – this is also perceived as a social signal, which increases your relevance.

Site speed

Site speed is one of the most important factors in Google rankings. And not only in it, but also in converting visitors into your customers. In the age of technology that we live in today, people are used to fast loading pages and quick access to information. If your resource is slow or pages don’t load fast enough, visitors will get angry and leave.

It’s important to optimize your site speed, because this way you ensure that visitors will stay and explore the content, and your site will get extra points in the eyes of Google. So, if you think you’ll save some money on a slow site speed (like putting up a template) and avoid trouble, think again. Instead, say to yourself, “There are tons of competitors next to me, I should at least check out what they have to offer and give my audience what they need.” At the end of the day, if you want to rank high in Google, make sure you’re not doing anything Google doesn’t like.


Google favors backlinks because they are a sign of a healthy website. Many people wonder what backlinks are. Simply put, they are links to your project on other people’s websites. Often, this means that other sites are using yours as a reference or additional source of information. In addition, backlinks represent trust and good relationships between sites, and Google loves collaboration and connections.

Quality link building is essential for high rankings, but that doesn’t mean you should have backlinks everywhere you can. In fact, having backlinks on sites marked as bad by Google automatically lowers your rankings. Instead, try to have as many backlinks as possible from well-known and reputable sites.

Ranking high on Google has become an important aspect for profitability today – it provides visibility and legitimacy to a website. Getting into the top ten Google listings is difficult, but with some research and the right steps, reaching the first page is only a matter of time.

4 things Google loves about your website

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