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We approach each project creatively. We make websites with a unique design, modern interfaces, and convenient functionality.
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Figma design

About service

Evaluation of the scope of works

We do not have fixed prices. Each project has features, functionality, client wishes, and deadlines. Depending on your requirements and structure – the price is different.

Cost minimization

Let’s start with references. Then will create a prototype and concept of the homepage. So we start the mobile version only after your approval.

Design for frontend

We know the intricacies of layout and fulfill the requirements of developers in every project. Standardization of indents, headings, colors, interactive elements, and mobile optimization.

You choose how much we do

In our experience, the client sees the project in a blurry way, and therefore new ideas and requirements arise in the process. This affects the timing. But we need to get approval from the client for such ideas.

Full reporting

We create a Google sheet where we record each task and the amount of time to complete it. Each task is tracked by the designer.


We highly recommend starting with a prototype to solidify the structure and understand the boundaries of the project.





The initial stage of the project. The team must dive into the client’s business, and understand how it works and who it competes with. The site should not be a template, but an effective business solution.

Study of competitors
Formation of the structure
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The designer collaborates with the client, using a guidance interview, to create the website’s structure, determining the pages and their respective blocks. The prototype is then sent to the client for review and approval.

Search for ideas
Collection of references and moodboard
Creation of a prototype
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Corporative style


Development of corporate style by a web designer. Uniform rules, uniform color scheme, use of standardization, creation of layouts for adaptive and UI Kit.

Main page
Adaptive main page
All site pages
All adaptive
UI Kit
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Complexity of design services

Let’s use analogies to understand the situation in simple language and understand why the designers in your project do not want to solve all the problems in 1 day.

One customer = 1 design

Everyone’s tastes are different. Therefore, the creative process and fulfillment of requirements in the project take place only for 1 client. Projects, where 2 or more partners act as clients, turn into a battlefield, drawing attention to themselves, and adding other people to resolve disputes. Not to mention the fact that edits can contradict each other and it is often impossible to finish such a project because there is always someone dissatisfied.

Competitors are very important

Our clients often do not understand the importance of competitors and do not know about their affairs. When the project is launched, their employees or customers start showing cool features of competitors and this is very disappointing for our customers. He understands that he gave the wrong tasks in the design. After that comes edits to the submitted project or disputes. We strongly recommend to conduct competitor analysis. However, tasks and corrections are given by the customer is being implemented only before final approval.

Pictures as a basis

It is rare for clients to have a photo gallery. Namely: photos of the office, team, projects, or products. Much more often, the customer has nothing and wants the project to be created from stock photo materials. It’s like ordering a suit for your neighbor. Then six months later, the customer wears a suit that is too big and he doesn’t like it. Therefore, pictures are an important part of design in terms of prevailing colors and the way pictures were taken.


What is the price of website design?

For calculation, it is important to know the number of pages and blocks. References (projects you like) also have a strong influence. An animated site and a static one will have a different amount of work and a different cost.

I was drawn to a design, but I don’t like it. Can you redraw it?

Yes, to begin with, we need to look at the layout and conduct an interview with you. After that, we will agree on the terms and budget with you and be ready to start. 

My developer says the design won’t suit to code. Can you finish it?

Yes, we know the ins and outs of code and can tweak the layout for your developer. The work usually includes standardizing indents, headers, and blocks, creating a container and UI Kit.

Can you make a project if I don’t know what I want at all?

In your situation, it is very important to analyze the references together with us. We will discuss your competitors, your branding, and examples of projects that you might like.