Peculiarities of enterprise website development
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Peculiarities of enterprise website development

Peculiarities of enterprise website development

Presentation of a company and its products is essential for sales and development. The best equipment and specialists mean nothing to customers if they have no information about you or if it is difficult to get it. Today, the presentation of the company is performed by the website. On the web you can find your target audience in your region or anywhere in the world and get potential customers. Taking such an opportunity into account, we highly recommend considering your own website as an investment. Thoughtful, effective and profitable. For this it is not enough to copy a competitor’s site or put up a template. It’s about investing blindly. And this is not our method. Let’s dive into the specifics of enterprise website development together.

1. Preparation

When we invest in something, we are most concerned with the amount and how our efforts will be paid off. To determine the amount of money to create a business website, we need to answer the following questions:

  • What are the goals of the site?
  • Who is our target audience?
  • What results should we get?
  • Who are our competitors?
  • Do we have branding and what are our page design wishes?
  • What trust tools are available to us or can be created?
  • What promotional methods will be used?
Peculiarities of enterprise website development

1.1 Project goals

Because of the rush, often the site is first created, and only then people start to think what to do with it next. But this is not our method.

Usually the client keeps only 1 task in his head. The target audience retention. This allows the expanding of the client base. Competent work of sales people increases the profit of the enterprise.

But that goal is too vague. It’s broad and multifaceted. So let’s break it down into its components. Industrial enterprises have an interest in the following areas:

1.1.1 Positioning

It’s important to take your place among your competitors, make a name for yourself and grab a piece of the online market. Finding wholesale customers, new partners, potential investors – it’s all about development and profit. And trade online depends strongly on how a business positions itself.

1.1.2 Scaling

In the customer’s mind, the site serves as a public office, where you can come, see the products, ask questions, and make an order. And all that stuff without breaks on weekends and holidays. But this office can be opened in a new region or country, to enter new markets.

1.1.3 Sales increase

A competent salesperson skillfully presents the product. But on the already “warm” client the seller will spend much less effort and time. If the presentation in the form of a site is competently built and closes most of the questions of the client – the site becomes an indispensable assistant in increasing sales. It not only generates new orders, but also retains customers. 

1.1.4 Employees recruiting

Recruitment is a very painful topic in some niches. And well-designed and properly created image of the company will help to eliminate staffing shortages.

1.1.5 Business processes automation

Automation is the transition of routine processes to the program. For example, requests can be sent from the site directly to the CPM, where the salesman will mark all his actions, the conversation with customers will be attached, in case of the sale – the status will be changed and the goods will be sent for shipment from the warehouse. And the owner in online mode will be able to see the processes through analytics. Or you can automate payments through the creation of a personal account for customers, where an email with a reminder to pay will be sent on the day of payment and the customer will be able to pay online on the site. Another example is to convert your document flow into an electronic format. 

Conclusion from the section about goals. The realization of each of them is a large amount of work. You don’t need everything at once. In the beginning, you need to identify the most important thing and hit that point. When the goal is accomplished and the results are brought, you can move on to the next one. That’s exactly what our company’s mission is. We don’t want to run in, get it done and disappear. Our task is to help prosper the enterprise.

1.2 Studying the needs and pains of customers (target audience)

Potential clients of the company are the target audience of the site. We usually divide it into two segments: B2B (the company sells to the company), B2C (the company sells to the client). To satisfy all and at once will not work – too different interests. In our practice, companies either don’t understand the specifics or focus on one and completely forget about the other. Salespeople can usually give the most comprehensive information about the target audience. If it is impossible to get this information, then we conduct an interview. The questions are simple:

  • Who is our client?
  • What are his characteristics?
  • What are his concerns and pains?
  • On what basis does he/she make a decision?
  • What might interest and motivate him/her to buy (besides the price)?
Peculiarities of enterprise website development

More often than not, pains allow us to understand points of growth and increased sales. Production companies have a common wish list from customers:

  1. On-time delivery
  2. Products must be fully documented
  3. Justified price
  4. Competitive advantages
  5. Compliance with both production and service standards
  6. Efficiency of sales staff
  7. Possibility to get a unique solution for the needs
  8. Availability of warranty and fair terms
  9. Competent consultations from the company’s technical specialists
  10. Flexible payment options

Conclusion from the section about the needs. The list is always adjusted, because a particular production has specifics and each company’s customer has different basic knowledge and stereotypes.

1.3 Defining the company’s advantages

In many cases, clients have difficulty in accurately identifying how they are different from their competitors. The solution to this problem is to compare them to their competitors. This analysis will help clearly define the company’s positioning and create a list of unique advantages that help increase website conversions.

Here are examples of the benefits that a manufacturing company can highlight for their website:

  • Application of innovative technologies 
  • Latest generation equipment
  • Flexibility in payment
  • Discounts for large orders and regular customers
  • Own service and quality control service
  • Quality control at all stages of production 
  • Individual customer support
  • Exclusive developments
  • Guaranteed service life of products up to N years 
  • Fixed delivery terms in the contract
  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Wide geography of sales
  • Own network of dealers
  • Regional, national or global leadership in production
  • Closed production cycle
  • Reliability of supply
  • Ownership of a research center or laboratory
  • Own logistics system
Peculiarities of enterprise website development

When developing the final wording, it is important to be specific. For example, instead of the general term “High product quality”, you could specify “99% wear resistance” or “Material lasts up to 30 years”, and instead of “ Wide geography”, you could specify “More than 150 dealer centers”. Instead of the general term “Industry Leader”, you could specify “Over 10,000 units shipped annually”.

1.4 Creating the structure of the site

After completing the preliminary phase, the next step is to develop the structure of the website. At this stage, it is extremely important to involve a marketer or SEO expert, since for most sites in this industry it is crucial to attract search traffic. An experienced marketer will determine the list of necessary pages, based on the analysis of search queries, exclude unnecessary, thus reducing the time and resources spent on development. Then proceed to create the final structure of the site. Despite its apparent simplicity, this task requires special attention and analytical skills, because it is important for the customer to easily find the necessary information. In a complex multi-level structure of industrial sites, this can be difficult. The arrangement of site sections should follow the principle of decreasing importance, and combining different pages into sections should be based on logic and intuition. It is also important to add a search function and a site map in the footer to simplify navigation for users.

Peculiarities of enterprise website development

1.5 Competitors

We often hear from clients that they have no competitors. But this is not true. Society is built on competition and if you don’t want to recognize someone as a competitor, it doesn’t mean that your customers think the same way. We always analyze our competitors. Their approach, how developed their projects are, what target audience they work for, what presentation and sales tricks they use. But only our client can understand his competitors. Production specifications and reputation are the missing information that we can only get from working with our client.

1.6 Building trust

Improvement never stops. After implementing all of the previous steps, you should consider additional ways to build trust in your company and convince potential customers of its reliability.

Peculiarities of enterprise website development

What elements should you include in your website?

  • Video presentation or corporate video
  • List of top partners and important clients
  • Overview of awards and achievements received
  • Contact details of the quality assurance department
  • Virtual tour of production facilities
  • Management feedback function
  • Reviews and ratings on reputable platforms
  • A section with key facts and figures about the company
  • Graph showing the growth trends of the company
  • Information about top employees and their achievements
  • Multi-language support for a large audience
  • Information about the company’s contribution to social projects

Including these elements not only increases transparency and trust in your company, but also demonstrates your company’s success and reliability in the marketplace.

1.7 Buying a domain and hosting services

A domain name is the part of your internet address after the “www”. You can learn more about it here. Hosting is the rented space on a server where your website files will be stored. You can learn more here. Many productions already have domains, but often very weak hosting. We analyze and select the best solution.

2. Design and development


2.1 Prototype


The designer and marketer create the structure of the site. They decide what pages there will be and with what sections. The prototype goes to the client for corrections and approval

Ideas search collection of references and moodboard prototype creation.
  • Website layout created in Figma online service
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2.2 Web design


Developing the style of the store by a web designer. Uniform rules, unified color scheme, using standardization, creating layouts for adaptive and UI Kit.

Home page. Adaptive homepage. All pages of the site. All adaptive. UI Kit
  • The website layout was created in Figma online service
  • Adaptive layouts allow developers to properly customize a website for different device screens
  • UI Kit allows for the creation of unified display rules for headers and interactive elements
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2.3 Web Development


On our subdomain, we layout and create the website control blocks through the builder. That is, front (layout) and back (control panel).

Selection of plugins. Layout and creation of elements for the constructor. Filling with content for the test
  • We fill typical pages with content from the layout
  • The client checks the compliance of the layout and we make corrections.
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2.4 Project launching, advertising or SEO launching


Final stage of the project. The team checks its work, transfers to the server and the client’s domain, tests. At the end transfers access to the client.

Transfer to the client’s domain and hosting. Setting up form submission and analytics. Instruction for admin
  • The site is accessible by following the domain name
  • All requests from the site are received by the client in the chosen way
  • We provide instruction on how to work with the content of the site
  • Usually you run ads
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Peculiarities of enterprise website development

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