Top 10 reasons why big companies use WordPress
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Top 10 reasons why big companies use WordPress

Top 10 reasons why big companies use WordPress

In the digital age, visitor experience when searching for content online is the key to success and profit. The system must run like clockwork, have enough experts in the market and be user-friendly for any manager.  Big brands are strategizing decades in advance and know it, and that’s just one of the reasons they use WordPress as their content management system.

In February 2021, W3 Techs found that 64.7% of the one million most visited websites in the world use WordPress instead of other CMS, making it the most popular platform! Today, we’re going to show you ten reasons why companies are using WordPress instead of other CMS options.

10 reasons why large corporations use WordPress instead of other CMSs

Why is there such a massive love affair with WordPress? It’s easy to use, it’s available for free, and it has tons of design options. Here are just seven reasons why many big brands have chosen this CMS:

Open Source Software

It is free to access, maintained by a large community of CMS developers all over the world, and can be modified without expenses or permission.

Wide range of plugins.

Plugins add functionality to a site, and WordPress offers thousands of free and paid options.

Appropriate for e-commerce.

WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform, but it provides customers with customizable eCommerce for the very average business! There is a separate commercial software company that deals with Woocommerce. Paid and free plugins are created for it, and features are being expanded every month. From New Mail and Liqpay to recommendations based on viewed products and pop-up baskets.

It’s easy to edit a website.

WordPress allows users to easily edit its features. A visual builder is a limitless potential for your website to grow. Now imagine that you can also choose this builder for your website, because there is more than one on the market! Seo-specialists use the lighter and simpler options, designers love the millions of features for visual customization.


Since mobile usage is constantly increasing, websites need to respond and display correctly on mobile devices. Companies use WordPress because they know their site will be 100% mobile-friendly and accessible to everyone. And if they put in the time and effort, a layout designer can add media queries for almost all device screens.

Accessible for edits.

A large company’s website always requires significant changes over time to suit the needs of the brand. Instead of relying on just one developer who created the site, they can hire multiple WordPress developers for different tasks to help with their customization needs.

Optimization for SEO.

A large site will often be rated higher than smaller ones because of the amount of content posted on it. Working through loops and being able to optimize and cache gives you the opportunity to use the full SEO potential. Large companies always want their site to rank above their competitors, and WordPress is incredibly SEO-friendly. There are plenty of SEO optimization plugins available for it as well.

Total site security.

Quite a few of our clients at the start were confused by rumors about the insecurity of the system and considered it an easy target for hacking.  Such rumors are a consequence of WordPress’ super-popularity. Too many people not from the developers’ environment “cobble together” a site and violate the technical documentation. It is because of their mistakes on a particular site and hack bots (yes, yes, people are very rarely engaged in hacking sites, it will perform programs). WP core is secure and it needs to be constantly updated for advanced protection methods. There is a dedicated WP security team of over 50 experts. This team constantly collaborates with leading hosting companies and other security experts from other open source communities to protect WP from the latest threats.

High scalability.

WordPress is a great addition to your business, especially if the site gets a huge amount of visitors! Big companies like Microsoft News, Mercedes Benz, Marks and Spencer, trust WP with their huge traffic volumes. Did you know that WordPress powers 2,682 of the most visited 10,000 websites in the world?

Community Culture.

Big corporations have corporate cultures and standards, and WordPress is a voluntary corporation of millions of people! They believe in community culture, thought leadership, and mentorship. This is where we think the core ideology of WordPress (as a community) and business intersect. Huge enterprise clients, vendors and service providers from Google to GoDaddy to WooCommerce join forces and sponsor annual WordCamps around the world. With over 74 million websites (and growing) built on WordPress, it’s a testament to the strong community and commitment to taking open source technology to the next level. The WP community is also behind thousands of plugins that any website owner can install and use to add various features to their site. WordCamp and the awesome WP community ensure that there is always help and a trusted developer by your side.


WordPress is an ideal CMS for large businesses and complex solutions. It is scalable, secure and also provides practical and simple solutions for complex tasks. However, this cannot be accomplished by simply installing plugins. Large companies need constant maintenance of their websites, and this is where specialized WordPress agencies can come in handy. They have developers and designers with vast experience and skills to manage large-scale projects.

Top 10 reasons why big companies use WordPress

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